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Jalan Subak Sari,
Banjar Tegal Gundul,
Kuta Utara, Badung,
Bali – Indonesia
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Life in Bali
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Life in Bali

Life in Canggu is definitely a unique adventure. When considering a move to Bali and Canggu, what can you expect?


Bali is an extremely safe place with very little crime. Communities generally watch out for each other, and expatriates are warmly welcomed.  


Bali as an incredibly diverse and beautiful place. Bali is teeming with natural beauty and life! Canggu is blessed with rice terraces, including rice field just next to campus. We are a short drive to incredible Jatiluwih Rice Terraces (A UNESCO site), Mt. Batur for sunrise hikes, or the quiet mountains of Bedugul. And of course we also have…


Canggu is blessed with some of the best surf beaches in the world. CCS is a short 5-minute drive to the beach, and most families live within a short drive or even walk to the beach. You will often see our community at the beach to watch the sunset, catching some waves in the morning, or just relaxing with a stroll along the water.  


Abundant surfing; rice-field treks; biking down from Batur or the highlands; world-class diving and snorkelling; navigating high-ropes courses; exploring waterfalls… We have plenty of opportunities for adventure in Bali and the neighbouring islands. While CCS embracing adventure in our programmes, families take advantage of weekends and holidays to explore and find adventure across the island.

Health and Balance

Canggu is a hotspot for everything healthy. Yoga and fitness studios abound.  Meditation and mindfulness is a constant source of energy and discussion. Canggu has many high-quality vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The natural beauty of Bali, coupled with a laid back lifestyle, makes Canggu a place of healthy balance and wellbeing.  


Canggu may have the world’s best coffee shops.  We are full of local coffee shops serving incredible coffee and easy vibes, especially on weekend mornings. Many in the community have a weekend routine of beach walks, surf, and a late breakfast with fantastic coffee. We are also blessed with incredible restaurants with dishes from around the globe.


Most of the above is no longer a secret.  So...Yes, Canggu has tourists, but most are quick to support Canggu and local values.  

Balinese People

CCS fully embraces connection with our local Balinese people and culture.  We provide opportunities at school, but also encourage everyone to really connect locally.  Balinese are warm, joyful, humorous, and always pleasant and optimistic. They embrace beautiful traditions, make incredible art and music, and are proud of their culture and heritage.

Our community respects Bali as incredible hosts and people.  

Plastic (Sometimes)

Indonesia has a plastic problem.  We (and our students!) are working on it and making progress.  You will still see plastic around, but you won’t find plastic bags at the supermarkets (a few former CCS students helped solve that!).

Most importantly, Canggu is a place of activists. You’ll see students and the community working to address many issues, especially around the environment.


We are a community.  Canggu is growing but remains small.  You will see other families all over the place, whether at your favourite restaurant for dinner, while surfing at the beach, or just out and about. Regular events and activities bring the community together, and are always happy to welcome new-comers.

Our community is also very much inclusive of and supported by the local Balinesse community. Local “Banjars” help support safety and community building.  Locals regularly teach language classes, music, art, or other activities.  Most families also hire domestic support at home.