An International Learning Environment for Early Years to Year 13
#CCSEmpoweredEducation CCS
Jalan Subak Sari,
Banjar Tegal Gundul,
Kuta Utara, Badung,
Bali – Indonesia
TEL: +62 361 8446391 WhatsApp: +62 851 005 23639
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Quality teachers drive student learning. CCS teachers are experienced, internationally qualified, and have a deep care for students.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about kids and learning. While CCS teachers set high standards, they are also fun and love bringing out the best in students.

Our student-teacher ratio is 8:1 and we are proud to have a positive retention rate for our quality teachers.

CCS works hard to recruit the best teachers available from around the world. 80% of our classroom teachers are expatriates, while we are supported by a large and professional team of Indonesian teachers and assistant teachers.

CCS employs internationally experienced and highly qualified teachers with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Senior Leadership Team


Our Staff

CCS Staff
Andrew Woof Andrew Woof
Primary Teacher
Beth Ibrahim Beth Ibrahim
Primary Teacher
Sebastien Goulet Sebastien Goulet
French Teacher
Dannica J Zeiler Joe Zeiler
English Teacher
Jennifer Ann Malloy Jenny Ann Malloy
Academic Specialist for Elementary School
Nicholas William Cooper Nicholas William Cooper
English Teacher
Kristian Zoltan Edward Bodlay Kristian Zoltan Edward Bodlay
Economic Teacher
Cherry Siddall Cherry Siddall
Design and Technology Teacher
Steven Lewis Gayton Steven Lewis Gayton 
PE Teacher
Kristen Abt Kristin Abt  
Science Teacher
Rola Ghadban Rola Ghadban 
Primary Teacher
Adam Smith Adam Smith 
Primary Teacher
Michael Joyce Michael Joyce
EY Teacher
Claire Caffrey Claire Caffrey 
English Teacher
Iceni Paterson Iceni Paterson 
Academic Coordinator
John Collins John Collins 
Maths Teacher
Sarah Sarah Shannon 
Primary Teacher
Joe Hepworth Joe Hepworth
Math Teacher
Michelle Miller Michelle Miller
Primary Teacher
Caitlin Smith Caitlin Smith
Primary Teacher
Lois Topping Lois Topping
Physics Teacher
Johnny Charrington Johnny Charrington
Primary Teacher
Ben Nicholson Ben Nicholson
English Teacher
Amanda Marshall Amanda Marshall
Primary Teacher
Emili Mendoza Emili Mendoza
Spanish Teacher
Jake Benson Jake Benson
Math Teacher
Grant Gunther Grant Gunther
Economic Teacher
Alison Gauthier Alison Gauthier
Biology Teacher
Justin Hayward Justin Hayward
Business Teacher
Lori Dietrich Lori Dietrich
College Counselor
Matt Roberts Matt Roberts
Primary Teacher
Jennifer Wiles Jennifer Wiles
English Teacher
Wendy Claire Johnson Wendy Claire Johnson
PE Teacher
Alun Rendle Alun Rendle
Global Perpective Teacher
Jennifer Joy Krutsinger Jennifer Joy Krutsinger
Primary Teacher
Noahjon Marshall Noahjon Marshall
Melanie Elaire Kells Melanie Elaire Kells
Science Teacher
Jo-Anne Louise Richardson Jo-Anne Louise Richardson
Art and Culture Instructur
Indonesian Staff
Denok Rachmatiyah Denok Rachmatiyah  
Bahasa Teacher
Gst. Ayu Kt. Astiti Gst. Ayu Kt. Astiti 
Bahasa Teacher
Sri Suyanti Sri Suyanti
Learning Support Teacher
Ni Made Rusmala Dewi Rusmala Dewi
Bahasa Teacher
Benjamin John Graham Yoga Arimbawa 
DT Teacher
Ida Ayu Shintami Dewi Shintami Dewi  
Primary Art Teacher
I Dewa Gede Nuhur Adhi Basma Dewa Nuhur Adhi
Primary PE Teacher
Bernadeth Christina K Bernadeth Christina
EAL Teacher
Ni Wayan Nita Abadi Wayan Nita Abadi
Bahasa Teacher
Dwiky Wikrama Dwiky Wikrama  
Secondary Music Teacher
James Happer Maya Wirastuti Dewi
Bahasa and Civics Teacher
Dian Pondika Dian Pondika 
Bahasa Teacher
Gede Giriyasa Gede Giriyasa 
Maths Teacher