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Gotong Royong - Service Learning
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Gotong Royong - Service Learning

Part of a Unique Adventure is making a difference! The literal translation of the Indonesian term ‘Gotong Royong’ is ‘Mutual Aid’. It can be compared to the more generic term of ‘Service Learning’ that is embedded in many international schools, including IB schools that adopt the CAS programme.

At CCS, Gotong Royong is directly aligned to the CCS Values and definition of Global Citizenship:

Gotong Royong offers a unique way for all at CCS to get involved with their communities, by integrating service projects into the curriculum. As a form of experiential education, Gotong Royong connects theory to practice by applying classroom academic learning to ‘real-world’ social, economic and environmental problems in the community. Gotong Royong aims to enhance learning while contributing to building and revitalising communities at the school, the wider community throughout Bali, and even at national and global levels.

Gotong Royong promises to strengthen academic skills and increase motivation for educational achievement.

Gotong Royong can be applied across all subject areas and all year groups; it can involve a single student or group of students, a classroom, year group, or the whole school! Through collaboration with community partners, learners, teachers, staff and parents, service projects will be created that tackle issues including: health, education, public safety, hunger and homelessness, immigration and discrimination and the environment. Projects may take place over the course of two weeks, a semester, or even a year. 

During Years 12 and 13, CCS students will be undertaking the CAS programme in line with IB expectations. Students will be expected to plan for a range of activities, long and short term over an 18 month period, including one project that lasts for a minimum of 12 months. The general expectation is that students in the CAS programme will spend three to four hours a week undertaking CAS activities with a reasonable balance across creativity, activity and service.

Gotong Royong Learning Outcomes: